How Quantum1Net can help Movie Theaters.

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How Quantum1Net and Service Manifests simplifies movie distribution. 

Most if not all major movie theater use digital projection, and most movies are delivered on a system called DCP, which is literally a USB pen that gets shipped around inside a case. 

It improves accountability on behalf of cinema-pirates, as each Pen has a certain number of licences on it. 

A DCP is simply a file that requires activation from a licence. The DCP is signed for by the cinema, and then the projectionist is given the licence activation code to allow the content to be played.

The same function the DCP provides, can be provided via Quantum1Net in a more secure and cost efficient way.

The DCP hard-drive with the movie composition is physically provided by someone traveling to each theater, separate from with the DCP key USB stick that unlocks the data.

On Quantum1Net, using Service Manifests, a main service is created, let’s call it Movie Delivery Main, MDM, and each movie theater becomes a member of the MDM service. 

Then as there is a new movie release, a Movie Specific Service Manifest is generated from the MDM manifest, and Movie Specific manifest contains the policies for each theater that will be showing the Movie. 

For example, at theater A, the release is only accessible at weekend afternoons for two weeks, but at theater B, the release is accessible morning, afternoon and evening for one week. 

The Movie specific Service Manifest can by its maintainer be retrieved from the decentralized network, unlocked, and additional theaters can be added or removed and the policies can be modified, and so a theaters policies can be updated to have more or less access to the Movie. 

This means that movie theaters can, over the internet access the Movie and that the movie is automatically unlocked for viewing at times defined in the Movies service manifest. 

Through Quantum1Net the Movie industry now has access to a Cheaper and more Secure delivery system, that also dynamically can be updated. 

This is just one more example on how Service Manifest and Quantum1Net are making decentralized services dynamic and scalable.


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