How and When do an ICO investment make sense

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We here at Quantum1Net are not just developing and innovating in Cryptocurrency and decentralization, we are also investors, so let’s talk about how we analyze and think about a project before buying in. 

Basic investment analyzation of a startup is done in two parts, the Team and The Product, the reason the Team is evaluated first is that a good rider can win a race with a bad horse, but a bad rider most times loses even with a good horse. 

But in ICO investments it is better to start with the product as you can filter out the worst deals early, we have to remember that someone has probably suggested a coin or a token for practically everything, and most of it makes no sense at all.

Why do we need a #ScienceCoin or a token for buying something online? 

Real investment opportunities comes from repeatable business that scales independently of headcount, so banking, real estate, software. 

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