Does the Society have its own AI?

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Does the Society have its own AI?

AI is here to provide a service to societies that will better the standards of living, at least in theory. We know now that there are going to be many obstacles from now on. One of the most immediate is automation, and its positive and negative influence on the workforce. A way of tackling the issue has been started – UBI, again, another debatable view. There is a lot going on in the cauldron!

One of the major issues concerning AI, from my perspective is its learning process, so let us perceive AI as a society.

Society’s Reading Process of Inputs

Society is produced and evolves via inputs. One of the first inputs was farming, creating unification to bring higher quality and quantity. This resulted in hygiene as the next input added to the society, having food and rodents in the same place is not good practice.

Unfortunately, society did not understand it as such and hypothesis began to emerge, bringing mistrust and fear. Which to a certain extent is understandable, those primitive minds couldn’t connect the principal food and hygiene. Producing a malfunctioning of the AI of the society. The inputs were produced, but the readings and following results did not match the desired answers.

Incredibly and strangely enough, this malfunctioning has persisted throughout the whole of society’s history. Where an event that has vast effects on society, positive or negative, e.g. Food and hygiene, are inputted into society and society’s AI provides a total malfunction.

This constant loop is a huge concern due to its outrageous practices to try to come to terms with the whole situation. So yet again, is society’s AI malfunctioning the inputs that are provided for machine AI; misinformation+fear?

If AI is going to delete from the market truck, taxi and bus drivers, cleaners, cooks, reporters, translators  lawyers and doctors! How is this population going to survive!? Well, it isn’t that hard to tackle, if machine learning needs of the Rational Creature (RC) to provide it (him/her?) with inputs as to how to react in certain situations. Why not use the priceless knowledge and experience of such professionals to give machine learning clear and factual inputs from trustful sources?


Apart from the obvious knowledge transfer. These professionals get in contact with the technology and thus understands it much better. Giving them the whole view of the situation. Widening their minds, that can lead to updates, improvements, or viewpoints from their part that can aid machine learning procedures. The RC is an incredible mean machine that will always command the ignition of disruption and will always have the power to disconnect it.

The problem appears when factual meets society’s AI and it is mainly due to the pyramid structured society in which there is no REAL contact/connection between the different social strata. Society’s AI has invented third-party trust to keep the connection disconnected, so the protesters can continue protesting and the rich are provided with a world of their own, payed by injustice, malpractice and basically the taxes of the working-force. A clear example of society’s AI malfunctioning.   

Basic Common Errors (Forced or Unforced, there, the Question)       

These aren’t new problems that have been born with AI. No these have been in the psyche of the RC for millenniums. A common error that pops up in every disruptive irruption, which is commonly known as Power+Greed+Fear = Third-party Trusted entities with no face, feelings, heart or soul. Ready to input what is advantageous for the rich minority, keeping the Status Quo eternal. Therefore, all we need is a bit of CS (Common Sense) to drive the majority, into a true democracy where the riches of the world are distributed equally. 

A thought

Being Spanish born, with a Swedish mother and Spanish father, I’ve, for some years thought it was funny and ironic at the same time, that the word extravagance, in the Spanish language is composed of two very literal words, for this type of state. 

Extravagancia is the Spanish term and if we break down the word we have, on the one hand extra and on the other hand we have vagancia. I don’t need to explain the first word, we could tag it as #international, the second one does need a translation, sluggishness or laziness. In this sense what the majority needs to eradicate from the used equation is Extravagance or Extravagancia or better still Extra Vagancia (Extra Sluggishness or Laziness). We could tag it as #ExtraVaganciaNo {#EVN}.       

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