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It is said that third time is the charm.


And for Internet hosting we are at the third time.

First came Self Hosting, then came Cloud Hosting, now comes Decentralized.

The trust of cloud companies is at an all time low, and customers are actively looking for alternatives. So it is The Time to disrupt the $300B Cloud and Hosting industry. QCoin and the Quantum1Net platform is that disruptor.

Benefits of decentralized hosting includes:

  • Hosting can be extremely cheap.
  • They are High levels of availability.
  • DDoS do not work as the network would simply route around any affected nodes.
  • Viruses and malware would be extremely limited in their depth of penetration, as they are not signed by the service key, they are seen as none valid data.
  • Ransomware would not raise any money, as data transmitted needs to be signed with the service key and can therefore not piggyback on other data to infect computers
  • Cyber-kinetic attacks aimed at disabling national infrastructure or taking control of a driverless car and other IoT products will be extremely hard to pull off.
  • Using AI and private routing promises faster access speeds, then other overlaying networks, such as BitTorrent and the TOR network.
  • For developers, having transparent access to service data simplifies a systems programmer’s job.
  • Censorship will be impossible and data can not be erased.
  • People in places with poor or restricted access to information will have those blocks lifted.

New business models based on consent will spring up in a world where networking, storage and computing is based on a shared economy, where we are not excluded, by the big corporations, from the opportunities of the Internet.

So just like Uber took business from Classic taxi companies by creating an opportunity for a driver with a car to make money and AirBnB took business from the Hotels by making it convenient to rent out unused spaces.

Quantum1Net will take business from the big internet corporations by providing a convenient way for anyone to rent out and rent computer resources on the Internet.

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Making the Internet better

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