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Quantum1Net, the worlds first Server-Free Hosting solution, is based on a decentralized node grid, where nodes share to earn QCoins and services deployed must stake use with QCoins. So as anyone visits website on Quantum1Net, a small fee is extracted from the services staked QCoins and distributed between the nodes. The more services that is hosted on Quantum1Net, the more QCoins will be needed.

Each service deployed on Quantum1Net has a Service Manifest, it is the address of the service and contains the description, policies and logic of the service. The Service Manifest will generate a Smart Service Agreement for each user that connects to the service.

The SSA can be free to use or include payments by the uses, for example, a multiplayer game, it first needs to stake the game to get it up and running, and then as users join the SSA will automatically collect the right amount of QCoins for subscriptions or purchases.

Service Manifests together with Smart Service Agreements creates a third hosting possibility, and breaks the Self-Hosted or Cloud dilemma.

Just Cloud services is estimated to have a yearly turn over of $300B in 2022, adding an alternative that is cheaper, safer and interference-free, is a Win-Win for users and service owners.

If you are interested in hosting a service, or just want to get ready for using Quantum1Net, you can get your QCoins now.


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