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So if it looks like a marketing stunt and feels like a marketing stunt, is there then a chance that it is not?


8.32 PM the  24th of April a Twitter account tweeted

The countdown begins.




So the first question would be why would Satoshi need to set up a new account?

He has multiple that are unused, he might feel that the old accounts are compromised, but Satoshi always used BitCoinTalk as his main forum, why switch to Twitter, and anyone the read Satoshi comments would know that his language seldom involves humor, let’s say that marketing slogans are not a normal word use of the Satoshi that wrote code that is the core of BitCoin.

Anyway, let’s have a bit of fun with this 🙂

We start with the website and go from there

Start with checking out the website.

We know that Satoshi registered Bitcoin.org August 18, 2008, and that on October 31, 2008, the Bitcoin paper was released into the wild. Bitcoin.org was registered via https://www.anonymousspeech.com/ and most probably paid for using cash https://www.anonymousspeech.com/anonymous_payment.aspx

After doing a quick Whois on gotsatoshi.com we get this

   Registrar WHOIS Server: whois.godaddy.com

   Registrar URL: http://www.godaddy.com

   Updated Date: 2019-04-16T17:34:30Z

   Creation Date: 2017-05-11T01:21:43Z

   Admin Email: gotsatoshi.com@domainsbyproxy.com

So the site is registered via goDaddy.com and using domainsbyproxy.com, domainsbyproxy is a “privacy” service run by GoDaddy that sets their info as the registrar, interesting enough they retain the possibility to release the registrant’s information “the company will release a registrant’s personal information in some cases, such as by court order or for other reasons as deemed appropriate by the company per its Domain Name Proxy Agreement.”

So that part makes no sense, registering over GoDaddy and using domainsbyproxy is childlike and do not fit with a privacy expert as Satoshi at all, so still feels and smells like a marketing stunt.


Let us continue, we know the registration date of bitcoin.org so let’s use the way back machine and check out the first website.

First snapshot was found on January 31, 2009,  https://web.archive.org/web/20090131115053/http://bitcoin.org/, I have always thought one thing is interesting on that site and that is the “It’s currently Windows only for now” comment, as no one I knew in those days except teachers, professors, and other government employees used windows, the rest of us used Linux or BSD, there where some older programmers that were “stuck” in the windows world, but most had left.

If we have a look at the HTML code of the site, code that we can be sure that Satoshi wrote and published himself, as at this point no one cared about Bitcoin or him. Nothing special to see, no hidden comments :), the code is probably hand coded only 3 images two of wallet, interesting there is that we get to see Satoshi’s original Bitcoin graphics, as we also can see he put his email in an image so no crawler would detect it, and there he uses gmx.com a free German email provider https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GMX_Mail.

Now we have a look at the gotsatoshi website code, Well one of the first things that stand out is that they use Google Tag manager.

Here is the thing, Google is the biggest spy machine around, if you believe in privacy and the right to be anonymous it is like the last service you would be using, it also uses Google Analytics, again nothing anyone should be doing, Why Why do you all keep giving your data for free to Google. their ID is UA-138868344-1 that did not help though, it has not been used anywhere else.

Man, they are also using “Facebook Pixel Code” so giving data to FB, so the website doesn’t contain much except tools to collects data.

Google, FaceBook, MailChimp, so privacy? Not.


Let’s now just have a quick look at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The FB about says “May know @officialmcafee” that does not instill confidence 🙂 it continues with a challenge “Unmask me if you can. #gotsatoshi”.

The about in Twitter looks the same, so reference Mcafee and then the Challenge,

There are no posts on Instagram yet.

Could go in and check all images with a hex dump and see if they contain any clues, but nothing I have time for today, maybe someone else?

So fully feels and smells like a marketing stunt.

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