Cryptocurrency Global Adoption Solved

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What are the arguments that are holding back adoption, how do QCoin and Quantum1Net solve them?

No underlying value:

The claim that Cryptocurrency has no underlying value is true, but it depends on how we see underlying values. As the classical way of looking a currencies value is based on an amount of gold, or based on the Gross Domestic Product, then CryptoCurrency has no underlying value.

QCoin => Underlying Value based on data transmission, the GDP of the Internet, value of secure data transfer is going up and up.


The power wasted by hash solving Proof of Work will be huge a resistance for adoption, as each transaction has a carbon emission that no one is working to offset. 

QCoin => Uses Rx/Tx as Work in the Proof-of-Work algorithm, and thereby wastes no energy and even gains a higher security as Rx/Tx of each node can and is verified on the blockchain.


Most Blockchain Solutions are not Quantum Computer Enhanced Hacking Protected, there those who claim Quantum Resistance through software based solutions.

QCoin => Quantum Safe by perfect random generated by Quantum Mechanics.


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