Cryptocurrency entering major league? Quantum1Net is ready to play

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Cryptocurrency entering major league? Quantum1Net is ready to play

So big players are taking the cryptocurrency seriously and want to be part of the mix. Are they really ready?, Facebook and Telegram Are Hoping to Succeed Where Bitcoin Failed, we are ready not just with scalability, but with security also.

A means to an end

The Q-Coin is ready for the present and future, join for a means to an end. The means, cryptocurrency the end, the decentralization of the internet, through real and tangible products that will aid in all aspects of life. Quantum1Net isn’t here to speculate on the rise and fall of the coin, its work is thought through to integrate a stable and scam or criminal free road for common use.

Applying the services in IoT, Smart Cities and even Space colonization. We aren’t here to reach the moon and drive a Lambo, we are here to help enterprises with our services and products.

A zero marketing budget path

It’s going to be a hard and heavy road to travel through, for we’ve been in it for over a year, with a ridiculous budget, if we compare it with the great tidal wave that ICOs managed by pumping huge amounts of FIAT to the marketing guru teams. Where did this lead them to?

We’re not taking that same path, so please open your mind and let’s all reach the stars, to create a fairer society. Sounds reasonable? Continue reading, please.

Helping us help you

Yep! That’s the idea. All the budget, has gone to produce a reliable product and thus our outreach is in the necessity of dreamers and rational creatures that can see through the blurring of riches. Minds that want to aid society and not speculate on the buying and selling of a cryptocurrency, if you are one of these, please don’t waste more time and join us to spread the word.    


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