Crypto winter getting you down? 2018 was actually the best year in human history.

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Each day on average, about another 295,000 people around the world gained access to electricity for the first time, according to Max Roser of Oxford University and his Our World in Data website. Every day, another 305,000 were able to access clean drinking water for the first time. And each day an additional 620,000 people were able to get online for the first time.

The important number here for Crypto is the additional 620,000 online people per day. That is how Crypto and Cypher can change the world, we become more and more online. The protection of all online people’s privacy and should be our main concern, we the Crypto Crusaders should not be out there selling some new “Blockchain” bullshit we should be focused on the Vision, the only way to achieve freedom is by total privacy online, be that for monetary transactions or for anything else online.

Let’s stop this internal fights about “Hash Wars” and about who has the right “Vision”

Are you a Crypto Crusader? Then Privacy is your prime objective

Are you a Crypto Crusader? Then Peer2Peer payment is your mantra

Are you a Crypto Crusader? Then De-Centralized computing is the solution

Are you a Crypto Crusader? Then Trust-less Insurance and Banking is your goal

And remember the magic is in the code.

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