Crypto Market or Crypto Scam? What’s it gonna be?!

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Crypto Market or Crypto Scam? What’s it gonna be?!

A couple of weeks ago I began to research the FB Groups, to get to know how the crypto market is moving in this platform.

I started to look for relevant groups in the Crypto Market and found quite a few. Once I was accepted I started to create posts. Some, with a landing page, others about quantum1net services, answering questions, trying to create a conversation, etc., don’t want to bore you with too many details.

After a couple of weeks, my FB feed is a frenzy of posts wanting to find a legit site to invest and earn crypto coins. Members of crypto groups offering free bitcoins, others skeptical of the veracity of other member’s profile and others acknowledging the fact they’d been scammed and robbed. One member openly  informed of being robbed 20 TIMES! To this member I had to ask why after 20 beatings she kept coming back:

My question “You’ve been robbed more than 20 times and you still come back for more 🤔”
Her answer “…though i have been robbed i still wish to trade. I am still interested in trading bitcoin.”

As you can see the Crypto Market is a show! A place where stability and common sense seems to have lost the plot and spiralling towards obliteration. How on earth can the Crypto Market delete the Crypto Scam tag if the majority of the things we post on these groups is the search for a legit site?? Strange world, where people are strange. Offering and searching for NO SCAM 🔥 crypto trading or investment.

Quantum1Net’s Cryptocurrency, [Ⓠ] Q-Coin

We at Quantum1Net have created a coin, but not for the trading and investment market only. At Q1N we understand that the cryptocurrency is a means to an end. Aiding in the scalability of our services and the decentralization of the Internet. This is why we’ve started our Quantum1Net FB Group.

So what’s it going to be Crypto Market or Crypto Scam? If you choose the latter, please stay away from our business and group. We do not have time to waste with your kind; sorry. If on the other hand, you want a Crypto Market that can provide practical uses in everyday life for the betterment of society; please join us.

Let’s change the message, mainstream is hearing and stand strong, to be a true contender to FIAT currency and a truly decentralized Internet. Get to know quantum1net’s crypto Q-Coin.


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