Colin Merry Joins Team

 In Quantum1Net

Joining the team is Manhattan-born Colin Merry. His career path is an interesting one and may not been what is considered “normal” to most, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Colin graduated from the University of Binghamton. He has founded e-commerce and online marketing businesses across a wide range of niches and fields. Including: light technology, military tech, organic health foods, research equipment. He has an array of marketing skills including SEO, PPC management, SEM operations, B2B sales, and consulting to name a few.

He has lived in Shanghai, China where he created business partnerships and worked directly with manufacturers. Over the years he has developed his marketing credentials for his own businesses as well as his clients. Colin is well versed in the way of business in today’s fast paced modern world. He has lived in Asia, Costa Rica, New York, and Louisville, KY while also visiting an impressive list of other nations and cities for both business and leisure; not to mention picking up speaking Spanish, Italian and Chinese (Mandarin).

As continues to grow we look to work with only the most talented and motivated individuals. Because of this we’re excited to bring Colin’s brand of New York City minded marketing and business savvy to

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