Can Artificial Intelligence {AI} turn against Humans? No!

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Can Artificial Intelligence {AI} turn against Humans? No!

Nope, I’m no expert, nor do I intend to be (maybe if I lived to see 200 years…), sorry daydreaming there, I was saying, yes! I’m not going to add any new concepts into the matter which might enlighten our view, or maybe it will show a few sparks. AI has brought with it a lot of controversy, mainly due to lack of acknowledgment of its functionalities, that are essentially as all other inventions created by The Mind; thus, controlled by the People or Rational Creatures (RCs). 

So no big deal then, right! Wrong! There’s a mysterious tendency in society to blur the facts of certain things; as in this case AI. I suppose the Filmatographic Industry has had its fair share of blur and enlightenment. Unfortunately the facts are The Usual Suspects. People are the ones who dictate how AI is going to evolve, just as in any other invention, and as in any other invention that’s brought disruption, fear was set upon it. Why? I’ll answer this one later.

It’s the People

Yet again, it depends on how the people formulate each creation, as, with farming, the wheel, societies, monarchy, kingdoms, electricity, nuclear bombs, money or plastic. Thus, there’s no need to fear artificial intelligence in any way. Whom we have to be looking upon with a magnifying-glass, are the people behind the AI project, for it’s them who’ll give character to the AI. A blunt description would be, If your routine patterns are swearing and this is inputted as a common pattern, AI will swear as well. On the contrary, to the previous e.g., being loving and caring will probably achieve a loving and caring AI.

Gutting as it may be, if AI, does turn against Rational Creatures, there’ll be for sure some bad guy/s messing about with the AI. It all, always, comes back to us. Regardless of how much we try to entangle the entanglement, we, and only we are responsible for our creations. AI is another machine that is under the control of humans, no more to dig! Which takes me back to the unanswered question; Why is there a reckless stubbornness to create a halo of fear around everything, that begins to ignite disruptive signals into the society? The most logical and understandable one is the need of confusion, misinterpretation or ignorance that leads to Third Party truth and not your own researched truth (#DYOR).


To whom would this state favor? A state of confusion can buy time to position specific enterprises that will provide a centralized market of the new disruptive service or product. It is down ‘n’ rotten, I know, but how else can the richest 1% of society keep its riches? What other explanation can be sort of, accepted? That there’s a transition timeline to settle the service or product into the market and society, without mind-boggling society? Isn’t it the same BS, but expressed politicamente correcto (politically correct)?

I leave it there…


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