Blockchain is not regulated !

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If anybody talks about Blockchain and regulation, just stop listening to them as they clearly don’t have a fu**ing clue what they are on about, so here to clarify.

Blockchain – a technology that makes consensus possible in a trust-less environment, through Proof of Work (can be any Work as long as it is close to impossible to replicate that Work), it also provides immutable storage 🙂


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CryptoCurrencies – this is a bag of worms but here is the short breakdown.

A deployed, crypto with its own stand-alone Blockchain, like Bitcoin, Ethereum and others, are regulated in some countries but not in most, and not even a handful are directly hostile.

A Crypto Token with a working and deployed service (DApp) based on for example Ethereum is regarded in the same way as a Crypto Coin.

A Crypto Token without a working service (DApp) is a futures security, as in that the service will be deployed in the future, and if this futures security is traded on an exchange, of course, that is trading with futures securities and that is highly regulated, not because of Crypto, but by historical reasons.

Last but not least, we have the Initial Coin Offerings, which if the Crypto being offered is not matched with a deployed working service, be it your own Blockchain Coin or a DApp Token based of another Blockchain, it is a futures security. Nothing strange really if you are selling a promise for the future it is a futures security. Selling and trading futures securities are historically highly regulated and that is not likely to change any time soon.

So one more time, anyone talking about Blockchain being regulated, or that their Blockchain Foundation ( there are shitloads of those around ) are working to deregulate blockchain, just stop listening, as the person doesn’t know f**k all, or are trying to sell you something, maybe a Token of an unreleased service 🙂 “but I have a roadmap”.

Disclaimer: This is not legal advice.


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