Are you using a VPN service? Is it all you expected it to be? NO? Read this post. The DPN service

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Are you using a VPN service? Is it all you expected it to be? If your answer is NO, then we recommend reading this post. The DPN service


The Virtual Private Network service is on the rise and will continue to grow in the coming years. Due to how the market globalization has changed the way we work and communicate. This fact has forced not only users, to take into account such service but also enterprises. So let’s have a look, before we introduce the Decentralized Private Network (DPN), at different types of VPN.


Types of VPN that are currently in use


There are basically two types of VPN in the market, the Remote Access VPN and the Site-to-Site VPN:

  • Remote Access VPN – is the commonest in use and is basically offered for personal use, practically all VPN services in the market service as a Remote Access VPN. The main reason to use this service is to access sites that only accept IPs in their country or to access country-blocked websites.
  • Site-to-Site VPN – is focused towards businesses and is a great tool for enterprises that have, e.g. A substantial amount of remote workers or branches throughout the country or the world. Providing a secure and fast way to connect within the business’ platform.

If you want to read more about these services simply do a search “types of VPN” or “VPN usage” through your search engine or follow to “Further reading” at the end of this blog post. Let’s get to the nitty gritty of VPNs and why a DPN is the best solution for the present and future of enterprises.


Decentralized Private Network the future of secure data transfer  


As mentioned above, let’s start with the nitty gritty of VPNs. To begin, we must turn to the safety of the VPNs, which in many cases isn’t top notch. We won’t dissect here the safety of VPNs, but we would like to inform of the basic malfunctions, that in most cases comes from cheap or free VPN services.

A good VPN services should have:

  1. Strong security protocols
  2. Minimum data logging
  3. Private DNS server
  4. Internet-friendly jurisdiction

These four basic points are the main means of finding out if the VPN you are using is up to standards with what a VPN service should be. If they fail to pass these points we strongly recommend to look for some other service.


The Decentralized Private Network – DPN


In the case of our VPN, which is known as a DPN, the basic four points above enlisted are ticked. The services, is:

“The Distributed Private Network (”DPN”) is a number of nodes within a network that is not defined by the physical network topology but by a temporary (virtual) overlay to the network. The idea of the DPN is that it is not rigid or fixed, but only exists dynamically, “on demand” precisely for a given user and lives only for as long as that connection is needed.”

Not bad, right? What else is there that makes the DPN so special? “The distributed private network “DPN” uses a network entirely in a new way to make dynamic, unique one-time connections (“OTC”) for each connection request, which only exist for as long as a user requires it. Each OTC can be encrypted using unique encryption credentials that are never reused. When the OTC is closed, it literally dissolves without a trace of having existed.”

If you’re still not convinced about our DPN service, we can add that your communications are Secured by Quantum:

“Security is the intrinsic part of the Q1N DPN, ensuring secure data transfer for all communicating parties. All Q1N Coin Holders will be able to buy access to and utilize the unique Q1N DPN security and infrastructure.” Want to read more? Click the following link DPN.  


Have you been intrigued by this futuristic service ready for today’s enterprises?


Have you? If so please do contact us for more information or start your journey with us by pre-ordering early access to our DPN service. We are here to create an Internet of new opportunities, join the revolution of the Blockchain 3.0 our own Quantum1Net Yggdrasil Blockchain.  


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