Together, we’re creating a future Internet of new opportunities.

Innovators and Creators don’t fear change, we embrace it. We harness new solutions and technologies to entirely transform our companies, our careers, and hopefully, our world.

In our culture, your safety is our concern. We care about ‘family’. Family’s the tie that binds people together. Our goal is to make our family safe and comfortable using the Internet and its services without being tracked and recorded.



To create a low powered (Green) decentralized and fully autonomous P2P service ecosystem on blockchain with advanced routing and traffic sharing, powered by its own crypto-economy



To create new kinds of products and services based on the Ecosystem which have the power to transform a number of markets like VPN, Online Banking, Managed File transfer, CDN, cybersecurity and to change the landscape of Online application monetization



By using Proof-Of-Contributing-Work™ instead of Proof-of-Work, we focus on rewarding the support of the network by transactions and therefore have no power wasting Mining and can instead Mint the Coins


By using Proof-of-Contributing-Work™ instead of Proof-of-Work, we focus on rewarding the support of our network without the massive use of energy-intensive Mining. Instead of Mining, we efficiently Mint Coins in our Q1N transactional process. Simply much more output for much less input.

Vastly increasing the security, speed, and number of transactions while significantly reducing the energy consumption to do so.

By being able to mint more currency as the Economy grows the blockchain is future proof and scalable in a way no other cryptocurrency is.


Q1N is a Blockchain driven Ecosystem empowering the crypto economy and
supported entirely by its users.

To transmit data over the transaction network, you either have to have coins in your wallet, or the receiving node accepts “collect” by extracting coins from the receivers wallet. Thereby the nodes supporting the Q1N Ecosystem generate passive income for the node owner.

Revenue nodes may be deployed by anyone. Nodes will generate income by relaying transactions over the internet, with the only requirement being that you own a Quantum1Coin that is then added to the wallet of the node.



  • Low power by optimized Quantum Safe security based patent pending technology
  • Low power by using lightweight layered hashing with angled offset by layer
  • Low power by Proof-of-Contributing-Work™ not Proof of Work


  • Fast transactions by the layered signing of blocks, Micro signing, and Macro signing
  • Fast transactions by Geo-located micro signing
  • Fast transactions by Macro signing only on the global level
  • Fast transactions by WebRTC P2P with optimized routing based on ASN Mapping
  • Fast transactions by built-in Hive (Mesh) setup of secure End2End tunnels


  • Secure transactions by Quantum Safe End2End encryption*
  • Secure signing by Quantum Safe Layered hashing
  • Secure storage by Quantum Safe Elliptic curve Encryption

Meet Our Leadership

Quantum1Net prides itself not only on forward-thinking innovation and technology but also on the talent of our people. The company is successful under the guidance and leadership of some of the brightest minds and most experienced executives in the business.

  • Mattias Bergstrom
    Mattias Bergstrom Chief Executive Officer
  • Ruth Carrillo Harris
    Ruth Carrillo Harris Chief Operating Officer
  • Thomas Olofsson
    Thomas Olofsson Chief Security Officer
  • Stan Miasnikov
    Stan Miasnikov Chief Technology Officer
  • Serkan Sokmen
    Serkan Sokmen Chief Design Officer
  • Sebastian De Castro
    Sebastian De Castro Chief Communications Officer