Upcoming Ymir TestNet release.

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Ymir, Quantum1Net v0.1.0

Will be released on Quantum1Net’s GitHub,

the 24th of June at 15.00 GMT!

Midsummer was the greatest celebration of the year in the Viking culture, therefore we are releasing the v0.1.0 on midsummer, in celebration of Ymir who’s body became the universe.

Quantum1Net, Ymir will initially be released for OSX and Linux.

We are hoping to next week provide a Raspberry Pi image to lower the barrier of the process of node testing.

A windows version will be released but we have no date for that yet (Windows is Not Unix :).

The initial TestNet [Ymir] contains a limited amount of features but more than was originally planned.

Star network configuration

Yggdrasil Wallet

Transfer Ⓠ coin between wallets

Added: DataChannel tunnel (unencrypted)

Added: DPN configuration (country, hops)

Added: Exit to ClearNet

We will be releasing instruction videos of how to use Ymir on an ongoing basis.

At the same time, we are stabilizing Ymir,

we are hard at work on Buri (v0.2) that includes a lot more features:

  • Minting
  • No Stake needed to run a Minting Node
  • Encrypted tunnel (SSL)
  • Mesh Network with Gossip
  • Terminal-based DPN Client
  • Service Manifests
  • Smart Agreements (With Smart Contracts)
  • Socks5 based Service Node
  • Quantum1Net web server on the Quantum1Net
  • Service Node to Exit Quantum1Net in Tenerife
  • 1% of Ⓠ coins earned will pass to Phase Two

We would like to remind you all that the pre-TestNet discount is ending and there are only 40,000 Q-Coins with that discount left, and it is a whopping 90% of the retail price.

Setup instructions,

Wallet instructions,

DPN instructions,

will all be included in the release package.

Information about the release package with be announced on all our channels and sent out on email.

/The Q1N Team

PS: The Quantum1Net Blockchain is named after the tree of life Yggdrasil that grew out of Ymir

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