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Current stage: distribution

Official token IDs:

Ethereum: 0xe0c72452740414d861606a44ccd5ea7f96488278

Waves: 8ofu3VpEaVCFjRqLLqzTMNs5URKUUQMrPp3k6oFmiCc6

What is Quantum1Net?

The RSA cryptography platform is now 40 years old. While it has served well in securing the Internet and digital communications, its days are numbered. The rise of quantum computing is a threat for RSA and other forms of encryption. It will provide tools which will make it feasible for hackers to crack these mechanisms.

Quantum computers exploit the unique properties of microscopic world, superposition and entanglement, to perform calculations much more efficiently than ordinary computers. This way, they can complete tasks in minutes or hours which would take today’s best devices up to billions of years. This poses a real risk for our digital lives, as most encryption methods exploit this relative slowness of classical computers to make our data safe.

At Quantum1Net we have developed a new solution for these up and coming problems. Quantum mechanics allows for the generation of intrinsically random sequences of numbers. These lie in the heart of our Quantum Encrypted Key Generation (QEKG) technology, which will allow for secure storage and transfer of data. It will provide level of complexity in cryptographic key generation that is not possible by traditional means, protecting data even from quantum computers.





ICO Timeline

1st token sale: Silver token

  • Ethereum-based
  • Convertible to Gold Token at 20% discount
  • Sale capped at 15 million


  • Supports move to new office to centralize development
  • Hiring new developers to meet July 2018 limited Quantum1Net release

2nd token sale: Gold token (closed)

  • Bitcoin-based, include QEK
  • Silver Token investors get priority
  • Sale capped at 18 million


  • Offer proof-of-concept of our QEK, this token will include quantum encryption
  • Supports development of hardware and file transmission platform

3rd token sale: Gold token (open)

  • Bitcoin-based, QE enabled
  • Silver Token investors that converted in July 2018 sale can participate at 5% discount
  • Sale capped at 200 million


  • Supports Quantium1Net long term
  • Supports development and use outside of cryptocurrency


Mattias Bergstrom
CEO, Patent holder
Inventor and tech executive with two decades of experience in the industry. He has developed multiple Internet protocols in the last 20 years and hold more the 60 patent claims in the field of networking. He personally invented and founded Voddler, a groundbreaking Video on Demand solution, and System73 a live broadcast system for the Internet. A native of Stockholm, Sweden, Mattias, currently resides in Tenerife, Spain.
Stan Miasnikov
CTO, Patent holder
A St. Petersburg native currently residing in California who can boast a long and successful career in Software Architecture and Machine Learning. It would be hard to pinpoint his greatest achievement as his career includes such highlights as CTO and President over Phatware Corp, principal scientist in Project 1701A and Sr. Software Architect at Flex and OpenTV. Stans 25 years in software development as well as quantum research makes him exceptionally suited in his role as CTO for Quantum1Net.
Ruth Carrillo
Ruth has multiple years behind her as the head of Bubango Prime, focusing on investment into promising innovation with a multitude of fruitful ventures on her resume.
Thomas Olofsson
Security lead
Our security expert. Thomas has nearly two decades of experience in security, and most recently worked at Threat Finder, a company working to utilize AI and machine learning to identify threats to organizations. He currently resides in London.
Joseph Fernandez
Physics guy
Astro and computational physicist. Joseph helps Quantum1Net understand the complexities of quantum computing. He is currently pursuing his PhD in astrophysics from Liverpool John Moores University. He currently resides in Wallasey, UK.
Mats Jagmalm
Cryptocurrency expert
The company’s crypto currency and finance expert. Mats’ experience as a data scientist makes him uniquely qualified for work in crypto currency, and his understanding of how the crypto-markets work will guide our ICO process and ensure its success for both the company and its investors. Mats, was born in Linkoping, Sweden and currently resides in Stockholm.
Michael Johnson
Strategic marketing
Michael has been a Director/Producer of film, television, as well as an innovator of highly successful media distribution, branding, and convergence projects, globally for over 30 years. He is a New York native and the recipient of three New York Art Directors One Show Awards, and currently resides in Hong Kong.
Andreas Tibblin
Creative marketing
Andreas' experience in video will help explain Quantum1Net to our website visitors and interested parties in video form. He is the director of Tibblin Film, a Stockholm-based production house that has credits in TV commercials and shows, as well as branded content, video game trailers and music videos. He resides in Stockholm.
Ulrika Viberg
Senior Advisor
Ulrika has over fifteen years of digital marketing search engine optimization experience, under her belt. Ulrika has previously worked with global entities such as eBay and has a large string of successful commissions behind her.
Jim Cantalini
Senior Advisor
Jim has long-term global experience with innovative Investment Banking transactions including negotiation of strategic business relationships to share technology, new products and new-market development. Jim has also led corporate restructuring in response to technological change and re-assessment of its valuation. Some highlights of Jim’s career are CEO of Torsted Advisors, partner and Managing director at Newport Board Group and CEO of Gist Communications, just to name few.